Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Drawing Retreat

This is my very own first little drawing kit.  I know what pencils are, what an eraser is, and how to use the sharpener.  I've about figured out what the 6B, 4B, HB on the sides of the pencils means.  My friend, Nelvia, did explain what the white stick thing is although I haven't attempted to use it.  I haven't yet picked up the square things, but I think they're charcoal.

Clearly I'm a novice when it comes to drawing.
Let me just get my list of excuses and negatives out of the way:
  • I don't draw.
  • I can't draw.
  • I'm not a drawer.
  • I've never been a doodler.
  • It seems like a waste of time to just draw.
  • I don't like to draw.
  • Why do I need to draw anyway?
Ok, now that that's out of the way, I'll stick to positive thoughts and ideas from here on. (Although my mind is thinking words like "hounded," "nagged," and "coerced," I'm going to substitute the positive word "encouraged.")

My art mentor and friend, Cheri, has  encouraged me to take a drawing class for years.
My creative partner and friend, Jeanne, has encouraged me to branch into drawing forever.
My blog friend and friend, Nelvia, encouraged me to sign up for a free on-line drawing retreat. I think her words were something like, "Girlfriend, it's just paper!  How much harm can come?"

So, I just did my first ever drawing class with Ida Andersen Lang from Denmark.
1st -This was my first attempt as I drew along with the teacher. I was pretty proud of it.  It did look like a girl. 
My favorite gem from the lesson was using a compass make first marks.
2nd -This was the second time drawing the girl in the reference photo.  I tried to use the skills I'd just Iearned about shape. She's better than the first try. I like her, and I surprised myself.
My favorite gem from the lesson was "Draw from the outside in."
3rd -This one is the next day after learning skills in contouring.  It's drawn from the same reference photo.  It looks like she went from about age 13 to about 21.  Again, I like her. And again, I surprised myself.
My favorite gem from the lesson was "The reference photo never owns us."
4th -This is after the last day of learning skills in value (shade and light). Now she's younger again but looks kind of fierce. I do like her.  And, yes, I'm surprised that I drew her.
My favorite gem from the lesson was "Draw so lightly that you can't hear your pencil."

This is where I'd like to be able to say it was fun and inspiring and relaxing and enjoyable.
If I'm being honest, the adjective that most fits right now is "tedious."  

I feel like drawing is my broccoli.  I know it's good for me.  I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. 
I've committed to doing 31 drawings in January.  
I wonder if "tedious" will remain the main feeling?  
I wonder what positive things will come from this experiment. 
I wonder if I'll get better?  
I wonder how it will help my painting?
I wonder if I'll grow to like it?


  1. Well, I think your drawing looks great, and I'm so proud of you for taking the class. The drawing kit appeals to me, since I love pretty much whatever I can find in an art store (it's almost as bad as a quilt shop). I will enjoy seeing your January drawings! Are you drawing with someone, or is this just a self-imposed draw along?

    1. Thanks. My friend who's forever encouraged me to draw said, "How about if we commit together to daily drawing!" Oh, great... now an accountability partner, so giving up in a week won't be quite as easy! Ha ha